Mehranian Materials Advantage Chapter

 Mehranian Materials Advantage Chapter (MMAC) is a new-flanged society for Engineers, established by the alumni network of Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Mehran-UET Jamshoro. The mission of the Mehranian Materials Advantage Chapter (MMAC) is to develop a linkage between university and industries and to provide stimulating platform to develop and promote communication, networking, dissemination of knowledge, research and innovation, student and professional involvement, education and leadership experience, while promoting their values and principles in academia as well as in industry. Mehranian Materials Advantage Chapter (MMAC) organizes different events and also publish table calendar & booklet as a souvenir every year.

                                                                              MMAC BODY 2016-2017


M Moazam
Chairman Dept
Umair Aftab
Faculty Mentor
Mukesh Kumar
Faculty Mentor
Osama Azam
Vice President
Aqsa Sheikh
Senior Vice President
Suhail Ujhan
Zeeshan Soomro
Graphics Designer
Suleman Larik
General Secretary
Noman Aslam
Joint Secretary
Ali Raza
Press Secretary
M Farooq
Sheraz Mahar
Printing & Publication
Sadam Ayob
Coordinator 14 Batch
Gulzar Ahmed
Coordinator 15 Batch
Shehrin Nadeem
Coordinator 16 Batch
Qamar Chohan
Coordinator 16 Batch
M Yameen
Coordinator 16 Batch

 Events Organised by MMAC :   Click on Links for Images

* MMAC Expo 201(New)
*MMAC Sports Fest `16
* 2nd National Conference
* MT Open  Day 201
*  One Day Seminar  on “How Metallurgy & Material Engineer Serve a Society”  (New)

* MMAC Cricket Mela 2015  (New)
* Quiz & Presentation Competition 2015 (New)
* ASNT-UT-Level -II (In Collaborations eith Applus Velosi) 2015 (New)
* 1st National Conference 
* MT Open Day 2015 
* MMAC Cricket Mela 2014
* One Day Seminar 2014
* ASNT-UT-Level -II (In Collaborations eith Applus Velosi 2014)
* MT Open Day 2014
* MMAC Cricket Mela 2013
* 1st Seminar on Final Year Project 2013
* Mini Project 2013
* MMAC Cricket Mela 2013 
* MT Open Day 2013
* Webinar on professional Cv Writting of International Standard
* MMAC Cricket Mela 2012
* MT Open Day 2012