Funded Projects Achieved

Sr Faculty Member(s) Research Project Funding Agency Start
1. Prof.Dr.M.I.Abro Selective flocculation of synthetic iron ore under complex conditions NRPU, HEC 16.06.2015
2. Dr. Muhammad Wasim Akhter Final Year Project: Synthesis of activated carbon from agricultural waste for the treatment of waste water. RINU, MUET, Jamshoro 02.04.2018

Funded Projects Submitted

Sr Faculty Member(s) Research Project Funding Agency Year
1. Prof.Dr.M.I.Abro Synthesis of Nano MoS2 and WS2 particles having enhanced catalytic properties for water splitting application NRPU, HEC 2018
2. Dr. Muhammad Wasim Akhter Chemical Modification and Hybridization of Local Minerals to Enhance the Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Composites for Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) NRPU, HEC 2018
3. Dr. Syed Junaid Ali Hierarchical nano-composite as electrode material for high performance supercapacitors SRGP, HEC 2018

Research Areas

1. Corrosion and Surface Engineering

2. Nanomaterials

3. Materials for Hydrogen Production (Energy Harvesting and Conservation)

4. Biomaterials

5. Metals and Alloys

6. Polymer and Composite Materials

7. Advance Ceramics

8. Joining Processes

9. Mineral Processing

10. Fracture and Failure Analysis

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