Material Testing Lab-1
Tensile Testing Machine
Impact Testing Machine
Material Testing Lab-2
Brinell Hardness Tester
Rockwell Hardness Tester
Vicker Hardness Tester
Universal Hardness Tester
Impact Testing Machine
Fatigue Testing Machine
Torsion Testing Machine
Deep Drawing Machine
Creep Testing Machine (Metals)
Creep Testing Machine (Polymers)
Non-Destructive Testing Lab
Visual Inspection Unit Endoscope
Magnetic Particle Unit
Eddy Current Tester
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Dye Penetrant Testing Kit
Sand Testing Lab
Sand Muller
Sand Washer
Sand Rammer
Sand Permeability Tester
Sand Universal Strength Tester
Sand Hardness Tester
Heat Treatment Lab
Muffle Furnaces
Vacuum Furnace
Salt Bath Furnace
Tube Furnace
Oil Quenching Baths
Digital Thermometer
Fabrication Lab
Cold Rolling Machine
Wire Drawing Machine
CNC machine for metals
Notch cutter
Manual Press for Powder Compression
Advanced Characterization Lab
BET Surface Area and Pore Size Analyser
Zetasizer Nano ZS
UV-visible spectrometer
Spark Emission Spectrometer
Materials Synthesis Lab
DI Water Unit
Nano-Materials Synthesis
Magnetic Stirrer
Mechanical Stirrer
Ultrasonic Cleaning Units
Sample Drying Unit
Digital Weight Balance
Microwave Oven
Metallography Lab
Cut off Machine
Mounting Machine
Grinding Machine
Polishing Machine
Sample drying unit
Chemical Etching
Electrolytic Etching
Metallurgical Microscopes
Electrochemical and Corrosion Lab
Pre-Cleaning Unit
Plating Unit (Nickel, Chrome, Copper)
Computer and Simulation Lab
Core i3 and Core 2 duo Computers
Multimedia Screen (for interactive class)
Software (ANSYS, MATLAB and Turbo C++)
Provide Scanning and Printing Facility
Provide wide range Wi-Fi throughout department
Hi-Tech Lab (Shared with Department of Mining Engineering)
Scanning Electron Microscope
X-Ray Diffraction
Thermogravimetric Analysis
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

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