Mehranian Materials Advantage Chapter (MMAC) is a new-flanged society for Engineers, established by the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Mehran-UET Jamshoro. MMAC considers student member participation a vital part of our association. The Student Chapters Program plays a critical role by providing an avenue where undergraduate and graduate students can engage in meaningful networking opportunities, and connect with professionals, both inside and outside of academia. MMAC also try to develop a strong linkage between university and industries.

The Student Chapter Program is a wonderful way for student members and their mentors to build fellowship around a shared passion, networking, research and innovation, bonding over common interests and to multiply knowledge and field experiences among a group in a casual, fun setting. Those connections provide support both within the student community and to local communities outside the institution. Mehranian Materials Advantage Chapter (MMAC) organizes various events in the department including openday, sportsfest, seminars etc.

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Faculty Mentor: Engr. Suhail Mashooque



Organized by Department of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering and Mehranian Materials Advantage Chapter

Name of Event Date Photos
MMAC Annual Dinner 2023 18-Jul-2023 Click Here
Two Days Sports Gala 2023 by
Metallurgy and Materials Engr.
01&02-Mar-2023 Click Here
An Information Online Session on
“Fulbright scholarship for MS/PhD”
27-Feb-2023 Click Here
Orientation & Motivational Talk Session for 22MT Batch 08-Feb-2023 Click Here
50th Golden Jubilee Celebration Department
of Metallurgy and Materials Engineerings
17-Jan-2023 Click Here
Awareness Session On "GLOBALLY STEEL
lMAKING" By Agha Steel Mills
20-Dev-2022 Click Here
An interactive session with our proud Alumni
Engr. Jamal Uddin Channa (05MT)
15-Dec-2022 Click Here
One Day Interactive Session on
"Industry-University Linkage"
08-Dec-2022 Click Here
An interactive session with our proud
Alumni Engr. Muzafar Mehdi (98MT)
18-Nov-2022 Click Here
An Interactive Session With Our Proud Alumni Engr Ali Raza (15MT) 17-Nov-2022 Click Here
One Day Session on "Climate Action
Building Resilience SDG13"
26-Oct-2022 Click Here
One Day Awareness session on
"Basic life support and First Aid"
19-Oct-2023 Click Here
Online Essay Writing Competition 09-Oct-2022 Click Here
Competition on Quiz & Presentation
Organized by MMAC
08-Oct-2022 Click Here
Two Days Short Course on
24-Sep-2022 Click Here
Online Session on
"UGRAD Exchange Program"
07-Sep-2022 Click Here
MMAC Annual Dinner 2022 27-May-2022 Click Here
Shield Distribution Ceremony of
One Day Sports Gala 2022
12-Apr-2022 Click Here
One Day Event on
"Jashan-e-Baharan Clean and Green"
16-Mar-2022 Click Here
One Day Seminar on
22-Feb-2022 Click Here
One Day Sports Gala 2022
Event by MMAC
19-Feb-2022 Click Here
Orientation and Motivational talk
session for 21MT Batch
30-Nov-2021 Click Here
One day Online Session on
"Thesis and CV writing."
12-Aug-2021 Click Here
1st International Symposium on
Advanced Materials & Emerging Technologies
28-July-2021 Click Here
One Day Online Webinar on
26-May-2021 Click Here
Short Interactive Session conducted
Engr. Aneeb Ahmed (Alumni)
26-Apr-2021 Click Here
ALUMNI Meeting cum Dinner at Karachi 10-Apr-2021 Click Here
Friendly Cricket Match 20MT vs 17MT 07-Apr-2021 Click Here
Online informative session on UGRAD Exchange Program 04-Apr-2021 Click Here
MOU Signing Ceremony between Applus Velosi
and M.U.E.T. , Jamshoro
04-Mar-2021 Click Here
One Day Online Webinar on
27-Jan-2021 Click Here
One Day Online Webinar on “AN OVERVIEW ABOUT
13-Dec-2020 Click Here
Online Session "Oil & Gas Rig Inspection and NDT Jobs" 23-Apr-2020 Click Here
One Day Seminar on "Application and Role of Tools,
Dies and Molds in Today's Industry"
3-Feb-2020 Click Here
Annual Dinner'19 7-Dec-2019 Click Here
MT Open Day 2019 17-Nov-2019 Click Here
One day seminar on "Vacuum its Applications and Thin film" 3-Oct-2019 Click Here
One Day Seminar on "CV Designing and SOP Writing" 7-Aug-2019 Click Here
One Day Seminar on "Scope of Metallurgy
and Materials Engineering (Past-Present-Future) "
19-Apr-2019 Click Here
Let's Make it "Clean and Green" 21-Jan-2019 Click Here
One day Short Course
Corrosion and Protection Techniques (1 CPD Point)
14-Nov-2018 Click Here
MT Open Day 2018 29-Oct-2018 Click Here
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with
Bolan Casting Limited
11-July-2018 Click Here
One Day Student Awareness Seminar
(Outcome Based Education System OBE)
11-Apr-2018 Click Here
Sport Week
(Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess and Ludo)
13-15 Feb-2018 Click Here
MT Open Day 2017
( Poster & Project Exhibition and Go Green Activity)
1-Nov-2017 Click Here
One Day Short Course 'Application of MATLAB on
Material Design', (1 CPD point)
30-Oct-2017 Click Here
One Day Seminar ''Know Yourself'' and Quiz Competition 30-Aug-2017 Click Here
Essay Writing Competition 24-Aug-2017 Click Here
Mini Militia Game Tournament 22-Aug-2017 Click Here
Microstructure Evaluation Competition 10-Apr-2017 Click Here
1st International Conference on
'Advanced Materials & Processing'28-Feb to 2-Mar-2017
28-Feb to 2-Mar-2017 Click Here
(Annual Research & Poster Competition)
29-Nov-2016 Click Here
Sports Fest'16 16-Oct-2016 Click Here
2nd National Conference on "Metallurgy & Materials" 11-Aug-2016 Click Here
MT Open Day'16 28-Jan-2016 Click Here
One Day Seminar on 'How Metallurgy & Materials
Engineering Serve a Society'
28-Oct-2015 Click Here
MMAC Cricket Mela 2015 19-Oct-2015 Click Here
Quiz & Presentation Competition 2015 09-Oct-2015 Click Here
NDT (ASNT-UT)- Level II in Collaboration with Velosi
Integrity and Safety Pakistan Pvt Ltd
[Applus Velosi (Pakistan)]
June 2015 Click Here
1st National Conference on Metallurgy & Materials 25- Mar-2015 Click Here
MT Open Day 15 and GO Green Activity 30- Jan-2015 Click Here
Cricket Mela 16-Oct-2014 Click Here
One day seminar on ' Modern Era Of Metallurgical Industries' 25-Mar-2014 Click Here
NDT (ASNT) MPI & DPT Level-II in
Collaboration with Velosi Integrity and Safety
Pakistan Pvt Ltd [Applus Velosi (Pakistan)]
22-28 Dec-2013 Click Here

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