Chairman's Message

It gives me great privilege to introduce my department. It is one of the old department of the university and was established in 1972 and awarded joint degree of B.E in Mining & Metallurgical Engineering. In 1980 the Department was separated from Mining Engineering and award a degree titled B.E. in Metallurgical Engineering. Following the current universal developments in the field of materials science, at the beginning of millennium the department was renamed as Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. Now the department is moving with dynamism towards the Outcome Base Education (OBE) system.

Metallurgy and materials engineering an inter-disciplinary field. Virtually every component of any engineered structure is limited by the properties of the materials chosen for its fabrication. The selection, methods of production, treatment, and finishing of the materials depend on individuals trained in metallurgical and materials engineering. All fields of engineering involve metallic, ceramic, polymeric, or composite materials. Exciting challenges exist today in the development and application of new materials, which range from the new generation of superconductors and ultra-lightweight composites to new magnetic-recording media and sophisticated high-temperature alloys.

The department offers a four year degree course titled Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Metallurgy and Materials. The subject Mineral dressing, Materials Thermodynamics, Iron Making Technology, Steel Making Technology, Physical Metallurgy, Inspection & Testing of Materials, Heat treatment, Corrosion & Protection, Foundry Engineering, Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Fracture Mechanics form the basis for degree courses. However other related subjects also include in the course to make it versatile and integratable with other fields of engineering.

Department also offers Master of Engineering (M.E.) in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering which at present is a part time evening program and launched Ph.D. research program in the field of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. Sitting squarely in an Engineering Faculty, the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering started focusing on devising innovative, correct solutions to hard problems, whilst ensuring that the solutions execute optimally.

A student chapter Mehranian Materials Advantage Chapter (MMAC) is been established in the department to promote the student values and principles in academia as well as in industry. Thanks to the efforts of our researchers and teachers, and our students too, we continue to play a leading role in our discipline, both nationally and internationally.

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